Curated Bathrooms

Bathrooms do not need to be a place to play it safe with design and decor. Being a private space, they can actually be a great location to play with bold designs without committing to that aesthetic for the rest of the home. We love these inspired salle de bain’s with keen attention to art, decorative elements, lighting and details. Display art, antique rugs and found artifacts and accessories for a look that feels artful and worldly.

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Hanging Wreaths

Paying attention to walls and ceilings can make a big impact on the overall ambiance of a space. In addition to lighting, ceilings can be a great place to play with suspended decor elements which can add texture and layering. Adorn existing chandeliers and pendants, beams, or construct your own hanging floral arrangements to give your event that extra little special pop. 

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Glass Pools

Glass encased swimming pools can have you feeling as if you are on a tropical vacation at a luxurious resort regardless of where in the world you may be. We love the way this design makes a pool the focal element of an outdoor space and brings in some beautiful blue hues. Stunning in its simplicity, glass box pools can also be mixed with stone, wood and metals to bring contrasting elements into place. 

*Photos Via Pinterest

Designer Spotlight: Piet Boon

We love dutch designer Piet Boon’s sense of design. Timeless and innovative at the same time, Boon is well known for his subtlety, use of natural materials and a soft neutral palette. A wonderful sense of balance, proportion and line, his spaces feel calm but never boring. 

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