Hanging Escort Cards

We always have fun thinking of ways in which to display escort cards. Although you can create a beautiful display by simply laying out your place cards for guests, there are also many ways to get creative and create a unique display for these paper goods. Wether hung from a tree, strung along a tree trunk or hung from a designated prop, hanging escort cards is a cute way to elevate the design of your event. 

*Photos Via Pinterest

Bringing The Outdoor’s In: Bedroom Plants

We love indoor plants and bedroom greenery is no exception. For an fresh touch of color as well as some natural air purification, consider placing potted plants in your sleeping space. We love the informal and organic quality it brings to a bedroom!

*Photos Via Pinterest

Designer Spotlight: Paavo Tynell

Oftentimes referred to as “the man who illuminated Finland,” Paavo Tynell was one of the founders and chief designer of Taito Oy, the first industrial producer of lighting fixtures in Finland. With designs ranging from desk, pendant, chandelier, and sconces, his elegant brass designs presented a traditional aesthetic paired with modern sensibility. We love his incorporation of organic forms and delicate movement. 

Designer Spotlight: Ken Fulk

We already knew we loved Ken Fulk and his impeccable designs but when we sat down with Architectural Digest’s April issue our hearts literally skipped a beat. Fulk’s incredible “treetop oasis” in San Francisco has us feeling feelings we didn’t’ even know we had! We love the incredibly artful blend of mid century, modern and asian elements paired along with delicate thoughtful antiques. Theatrical yet warm, we love Fulk’s attention to texture, color balance and drama. 

For more on this space please visit: http://www.architecturaldigest.com/decor/2014-04/ken-fulk-san-francisco-california-home-article

Exposed Firewood

We are currently working on the design of an outdoor patio for one of our Client’s and we definitely want to incorporate a beautiful firewood display into the space. While researching different shelving, rack and cubbyhole ideas we started to come across firewood as a display statement in interior spaces. We are loving the way exposed firewood immediately brings texture and pattern into a space. Whether for show or for use, the look of stacked fire logs creates a sense of cozy warmth to a home.

*Photos Via Pinterest