Nautical Sconces

We recently just specified brass nautical sconces for an upcoming project and we are loving the ornamental and masculine quality of these pieces. Great for an entry or outdoor space, nautical sconces also work well as fun and unexpected lighting for interior spaces. 

*Photos Via Pinterest

Canvas Butterfly Chairs

We love the campy quality of these classic canvas butterfly chairs. Perfect for lounging outdoors or circled around a fire pit, these chairs are easy going, versatile and chic for a variety of spaces. 

*Photos Via Pinterest

Easter Tablescapes

Hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend! Although we spent our Sunday mostly relaxing and recouping from a long work week, we did spend a bit of time looking up Easter tables capes and decor. We love the freshness of the above designs and look forward to incorporating some of these ideas into upcoming events!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!



Bunny Details

These adorable bunny decor ideas are a cute and easy way to add some fun details to your Easter celebration. Whether folding napkins, creating paper good cut outs, incorporating dessert toppers or chocolate molds, these details add an adorable whimsical element to the Easter table setting. 

*Photos Via Pinterest

Egg Details

Gearing up for Easter we’ve been scouring the internet looking for inspiration and new ideas to play around with and we love the sweet detail of incorporating eggs into floral decor. Display dyed or natural eggs in a basket or vase for a cute and unexpected base to your floral arrangement. Blast out the yolk and use the egg itself as small bud vases, perfect for use as a place setting detail or accent decor. If you are looking to keep things simple simply mix eggs directly into your floral arrangement for texture variance and a look that feels perfectly Easter. 

*Photos Via Pinterest